Dreaming Disaster and Some Visual Aids

I have an open field behind my house, well, two of them actually. The arrangement goes back yard-field (not mine)-country road-field. The expanse is relaxing during the day.

But sometimes, at night, my subconscious sees that open space as vulnerability. Since moving into the house almost eight years ago, I’ve had a lot of dreams about various disasters happening in that field.

I’ve dreamed about tornados coming from that direction several times. They never actually hit the house, but I see them out there. They look like photographs of tornados I’ve seen, some big, some small. Sometimes they’re black.

Once, there was a tsunami. Like the tornados, it never hit the house. The wave just sort of hung there in midair, water rippling, but it never came down.

Last night in my dream, there was a plane crash. I didn’t hear it happen. I dreamed that I looked out in the morning and it was just there – a very big gray sea plane (cargo?), still mostly intact. I ran to get my camera to take a picture, which is something I would totally do if I were awake and that happened.

When I returned, the plane had turned into a different model – a smaller red and white plane, and as I reached the window, it tilted and fell into a crack in the earth that hadn’t been there moments before.

What does it all mean? I’m pretty sure it means I’m on the news websites entirely too much.

This evening we have an actual, real life storm moving in. I took some pictures of the clouds. I liked how the sky was beautiful and blue in one direction and dark and ominous on the other. Here are a couple of shots for your viewing enjoyment. You can see rain falling in the distance if you look closely.

Yes. I take pictures of pretty much anything.

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