movie: The Other Guys

The Other Guys, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, is a comedy about a couple of cops who don’t function very well as partners.

Allen (Ferrell) is a nerdy, accountant guy who gets teased by other cops at the police station. They see him as a weenie who doesn’t do “real” police work.

Terry is frustrated with the fact that Allen is his partner. He also yearns for a more exciting career. He is very vocal and whiney and not very smooth with the ladies.

The partners learn to get along better as they investigate the kidnapping of a billionaire. However, that doesn’t stop them from arguing a whole heck of a lot on the way. The banter is often childish, but it’s more strangely hilarious than annoying.

The Other Guys isn’t the most intellectual movie in the world but it is very funny. A-

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