Don’t do it, Netflix. and snow.

I talk about Netflix sometimes. We signed up for the service about a year ago and have been really happy with it so far. We pay them ten bucks a month and they send us DVDs we request one at a time. We also get a less than stellar selection of movies to stream through a computer or the PS3.

Yesterday I read that they’re attempting to move away from DVDs to completely online streaming. I would be okay with that if 1. The selection of streaming movies was decent, ie the same movies offered on DVD and 2. If internet service providers weren’t discussing a shift to cap/charge for data usage.

Should Netflix go completely streaming with no title selection improvement and my cable internet provider caps my data or charges extra, I will drop Netflix like a bad habit. I still have Blockbuster, my library, and two Redboxes down the street.

From a business standpoint, I completely understand why they want to eliminate the DVD mailing service. Honestly, I don’t know how they made a profit between the cost of the movie, packaging, and postage. But I don’t have to stick with a company who elects to use a less than customer-centric approach.

I’m not going to pay for a selection of movies I don’t really want to watch. That’s just not going to happen. And I’m not going to pay a bunch of data usage charges to my internet provider either.

My loyalty isn’t blind.

Get it together, Netflix.

Here’s a link to the other blog I read on the subject, in case you’re interested.

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