short story talk and where is my winner?

I have a couple of short stories free for download on smashwords.

* if you haven’t read then, what the heck? They’re free! Links are on the fiction freebies tab at the top of the page *

Anyway, so sometimes I like the characters in my short stories more than just one story’s worth. I get other ideas for them and such. I have trouble deciding whether I can or want to try to make them dance for an entire novel. This morning, I think I found the answer. Episodic short fiction – basically several short stories about the same character or characters!

That solution seems so obvious now. I was stuck in this mode of thinking that was limited to novel, novella or short story. I didn’t even stop to consider something slightly more out of the ordinary. I’m going to have to have a talk with Brain.

Here is the link for the article I read in case you want to read it. This piece refers to a couple of authors who wrote episodic short stories, Hemmingway in particular.


Also on the subject of shorts, I want my freaking story back!

I entered the best short story I’ve ever written in a writing contest in July. In order to qualify, the story has to not be published. In other words, I can’t publish it until I know if it won or not!

So it just sits there on my laptop, staring at me like – why must my awesomeness be made to sit in a dark digital hole where no one can read me?

How annoying. At this point, I almost don’t care if I win the contest. I mean, a win would be nice, but it would have also been nice to release my horror story for halloween reading time!

Judge faster!

Also, I have a winner for the MacDowell Sisters and AnnaBeth drawing. I e-mailed the address provided and it didn’t go through!!! Nadine (only one Nadine entered), if you read this, please shoot me an e-mail: lea-ryan at I shall hold your name in winning status for the next fifteen days.

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