I promised myself I wouldn’t blog today

But I am anyway.

Why? Because today is the day of the nonexistent attention span. I should be working on a very strange illustration for the special edition of MacDowell Sisters & AnnaBeth. I am here instead.

Here is a rough draft for a different illustration for the book. Obviously, I haven’t transferred it over to digital. Sorry for the crap quality. I took a picture of it with the camera instead of using the scanner. Some of the lines caught the camera flash and turned shiny. My daughter is begging me for the original so she can hang it in her room, which makes me feel supremely cool.

: )

The cat is named Dorian and the more ominous looking character on the top of the chest of drawers is Poe the crow. I named a bunch of characters in the novel after authors and characters from books because, well, I really like books. Poe is named after Mr. Edgar Allan and Dorian is named after Dorian Gray as in The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde.

Also, probably this weekend, I am posting my first free eshort on Smashwords, my website, and probably Scribd. I will announce it here when I do, so be sure to check back in on Monday for the link. bye bye now.

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