Dolan’s Cadillac

We watched Dolan’s Cadillac this weekend. The movie is based on a short story from Stephen King’s collection Nightmares and Dreamscapes. I think I probably read that novel years ago, but really, I didn’t remember that particular story at all.

Christian Slater plays an excellent bad guy, Dolan. He really seemed to take delight in the role. The good guy is played by Wes Bentley (also played weird kid with the camera in American Beauty), who does an equally amazing job.

The plot is pretty much a straight forward revenge story. The only complaint I had was the lack of twists and turns. While there was the usual Stephen King grit, the story lacked that weirdness of his that I love so much. The movie is enjoyable to watch, regardless of the slight lack of strange. My favorite scenes involved the protagonist’s aquisition and use of a hand cannon and the eleborate trap used by one of the guys to catch the other. I give it an A-.


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