The Wolfman

I saw The Wolfman over the weekend. It was very gothic, very Poe/House of Usher. I love that time period – the late 1800’s. Stories set during that time are romantic, cold, and dreary and have this sort of shabby formality.

The Wolfman is old school but not only because it’s set in Victorian Era Great Britain.

Movie werewolves have evolved over the years into something more beast than man. If you watch movies like An American Werewolf in Paris or even that New Moon movie, the beast form is truly a beast form. Very little, if any, of the person shows through after the transformation from man (or woman) into wolf. I blame overzealous special effects artists.

The Wolfman returns to the old days, the original wolfmen who looked more like 50% man and 50% wolf. It had classic horror movie ideals (this wolfman is a remake of the one that came out in 1941) mixed with current special effects technology. The transformation scenes were still bone crunchingly gruesome and pretty realistic but the end result was a wolfman reminiscent of black and white films.

Overall the movie was okay. The plot moved along at a good clip and the movie was well done. It was definitely worth seeing in the theater but I will not be purchasing the blu-ray.

One funny thing my husband pointed out that I should have noticed was a sign next to the road that said Blackmore was 5 miles away. That sign probably should have read kilometers instead of miles, Mr. Director.

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