delightfully lovely

listening to at the moment – Adele, 19

What a lovely weekend. Weather was awesome. There was shopping and movie watching and sipping of green lanterns (absinthe, ginger ale, lime juice, midori).

My husband and I watched Halloween 2, the Rob Zombie version, on Saturday night. I love Rob Zombie movies. That is one brilliantly demented dude. I can’t really say that I enjoyed Halloween 2 as much as his previous movies. There were some parts that were a little too realistic for my taste, like when Michael Myers is sawing a guy’s head off and we get an extreme closeup and extra special sound effects. It makes me want to stop eating nachos while watching the movie and I like eating nachos.

I did like some parts of the movie. Sherrie Moon (Mrs. Zombie) was in it and that’s always a plus. She is very cool.

Michael Myers runs around for most of the movie not wearing the freaky mask. You can see that he’s actually a ‘real’ (real in the movie, of course) guy. Various flashbacks to Myers’ childhood in an asylum show him as a vulnerable human being, which adds to the whole ‘real’ guy thing.

The connection between Michael Myers and his mother is an intense one. His sister shares this bond with them, sort of. The siblings have visions of their mother. The final scene, which involves those visions, left us (my husband and I) asking what the heck was that? I don’t want to sound slow, but I think the point could have been clearer. I guess I needed someone to spell it out for me.

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