insofar as to freeze my bum off

soundtrack of the day – Wait For Me, Moby

Golly gosh darn and fiddlesticks, is it just me or is it a little horrifically cold?
[checks temperature]
Nope, it’s ten degrees. That means it’s only bitterly cold. Horrifically cold usually comes in the January-February months. Looking forward to it! NOT!

People of my generation probably remember NOT. You use it thus – first you say something with the utmost sincerity (that you don’t really mean), then, at the end, you shout NOT! to discount everything you just said. Doing so is quite obnoxious, which makes it sort of fun. We trained the children in this practice the other day so expect it to return to the mainstream soon. You’re welcome.

yes, I have the sense of humor of a child.

Off that subject, below is a link to a totally awesome article about indie publishing. I found it really inspiring and validating. The last two sentences are my favorite.

Quote – “With each trend that threatens to rob us of our culture, a counter-trend emerges that fosters it. So begins the heyday of independent publishing.”

YES! [applauds]

Also, I am thinking of changing the name of my blog soon. I grow weary of this self encouragement. I need something funny, maybe even witty. Suggestions? Comments or e-mail if you’re shy.

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