random thoughts for Monday

1. best cappuccino flavoring ever – 2 tablespoons mocha kahlua and 1 tablespoon raspberry flavoring for coffee. tastes like – raspberry cordial.

2. why can’t I spell cappuccino correctly without using spell-check?

3. I am sad about Brittany Murphy. She was my age. To me she always looked a little…overly alert, shall we say? God, love her though. She was cute as a button. I loved her song Faster Kill Pussycat (remake?) that came out a few years ago.

4. I may have to check into gamer rehab due to my Little Big Planet addiction. Sometimes I think about it when I’m not even playing it. argh. I should be spending time on my finishing the book instead. I = child.

5. I need some Arby’s jalapeno bites.

6. Is it too late to add to my Christmas list? I really want some antique looking aviator goggles. Why? hmmm. They would be cool for pictures? I want to be prepared in the likely event that modern technology fails us and we are forced to live a steampunk existence?

that’s all I have for now.

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