do not buy a verizon blitz

I know I haven’t been around in a few days. I’ve been busy!

I’m still experiencing cellular phone drama. I went from a crapberry to a borrowed ‘blitz’, which was so unbelievably shitty that I could barely even talk on it. That sort of defeats the purpose of a cellular phone, don’t you think? Talking on the blitz was like trying to use an old walkie talkie (full of static), only with a unique call dropping feature. The thing actually lost signal while I was sending a text message once. I have never known this to happen on any other phone.

My Saturday with the blitz was the last straw. I called my husband to see if he wanted me to pick up some Burger King for him on the way home from a function. He didn’t answer and I didn’t hear from him so he got no Burger King. When I arrived home he said that he called back three times after I hung up. The phone didn’t ring. No calls showed up on the missed call list. I disconnected that piece and activated my old pink razor from like 2+ years ago. It has no QWERTY. It takes like 6 years to send a text message but at least I can talk on it.

My dear bother and sister in law offered me a T-Mobile Dash. It is SUCH a cute pda phone. It even has windows on it. I thought I might try to unlock it and use it on Verizon. I’ve never done that before, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. The unlocking seems pretty easy. You just pay some geek on the internet like $10 and they send you a code. I have that part figured out. My problem? That phone takes a SIM card and verizon phones have no SIM cards. I checked a few message boards and those people say that Verizon uses a different kind of network. An unlocked T-Mobile phone can be used with AT&T and other cell phone companies that use a GSM (?) network. Verizon and Sprint apparently use something called a CDMA network (if I remember correctly). The bottom line is I cannot use the oh so pretty dash. It was never meant to be, alas.

And so, I sit here with my old school phone, sighing when I have to take ten minutes out of my day to send a text message. On the bright side, it still has all of my old contact list and ring tones on it.

This week, I will finish my cover art. I know that has nothing to do with the rest of my post but I thought if I put it in writing on a public forum that I might actually work harder to get it done.

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